Adult Driver Services

How's your driving?

Have you ever been asked this question or wondered about it yourself?

Have you ever been confronted about your driving skills by a passenger, spouse, or family member?

Are you concerned about how a friend or loved one is driving? Are they safe on the road?

Find the answers with a SAFE DRIVER HEALTH SCREENING!

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Are you worried about someone driving?
Click here to download a driving safety checklist.

Don't worry! Our screenings are: 

- Confidential
- Private
- Comprehensive
- Affordable

These screenings are conducted by a leading Safe Driver Expert and Certified Driving Specialist with decades of experience!

Available to drivers of ALL AGES. Our programs are designed to upgrade your skills, help you learn the newest defensive skills, decrease your driving anxiety, and increase confidence. We have specialists in ADD, ADHD, Austism Spectrum, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Dyslexia.

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Best yet, there is NO DMV involvement!

We're not in this to take your drivers license away. We just want you, your loved ones or friends to be as safe as possible on the road.


Don't jeopardize your driving privileges by not knowing! Contact us today!

Start with a free "Carfit" 20 minute, 12-point checkup or enroll in one of these available services:

Don't delay! Contact us today at 719-648-6222!




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Tom Antkow, Founder

Mr. Tom Antkow was formally employed on staff at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego as a trained clinical evaluator and rehabilitation assistant. After a career spanning over 35 years, Mr. Antkow has been personally responsible in evaluating and training well over 20,000+ students, clients, and patients in the art of defensive driving tactics as well as enabling disabled drivers to find a means of regaining or maintaining their independence.
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Wednesday, July 18

Attention Colorado TEENS looking to QUALIFY for your Instructional Permit! The next State Approved (4) hour EDAP driver awareness Classroom will be held from 9AM-1:00PM on Saturday August 11 at our Woodland Park Location. There are only (8) seats available for this class. First come, First served ONLY. Register, pay and reserve your seat TODAY at You may also take your written exam AFTER the class for an additional small fee. Call 719-648-6222 for questions or further details. Hurry! Last classroom before school starts.
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