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We also offer FREE assistance, advice and can direct you to the following services and resources.

• driver license testing services

• rehabilitation

• 55 alive classes

• driving evaluations

• remedial driver

• insurance discounts

• Alzheimer support

• driving schools

• adaptive equipment for driving

• teen driver education

• tools for teaching new drivers

• vehicle operation

• driving aids

• AAA driving discounts

• AARP driving discounts

• senior services

• driver ed classes for teens

• Parkinson disease

• dementia assessments

• learning to drive

• independence classes

About Us

Tom Antkow, Founder

Mr. Tom Antkow was formally employed on staff at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego as a trained clinical evaluator and rehabilitation assistant. After a career spanning over 35 years, Mr. Antkow has been personally responsible in evaluating and training well over 20,000+ students, clients, and patients in the art of defensive driving tactics as well as enabling disabled drivers to find a means of regaining or maintaining their independence.
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